Forest Honeydew 250gr

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A strong and penetrating aroma of vin santo, apricot compote, ripe figs and black spices, with a licorice finish. the taste is marked by notes of carob, rhubarb and green tomato jam, against a background of cooked cane sugar. definitely the highest mineral content, up to 1.5%, prevalently potassium. it’s the athlete’s honey!
* generally crystallizes slowly and in the presence of sunflower and goldenrod nectar.

Accompaniments: American or mocha coffee, on bread with butter or extra virgin olive oil. ideal in sweet or savory dishes with black spices and in long- cooked meats or freshwater fish. drizzled on ice cream.

In The Kitchen: For breakfast, with natural yogurt and dried fruit and nuts, in a bbq or other sauce. a few drops on boiled carrots, pan-sautéed with cumin.

Over the past century, Mieli Thun has harvested nectar from local bees that pollinate nearby flowers. The resulting selection of honey captures the pure fragrance and flavor of the hills, forests, and pastures of Italy. Miele Thun's Acacia honey sourced from Italian Acacia flowers is a delicate and much sought-after light straw-yellow colored honey with undertones of sugared almond and vanilla.

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