Seafood Bundle - Weekend Feast

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Bairdi Legs – 1lb                            

Lobster Burger X 4pc     

Fish Cakes X 4pc                           

Squid Skewers X 4pc                    

Oishi Shrimp X 1LB                       

Org. Chinook Salmon X 1.5LB     

Cod Loin x 1.25LB                         

This box is designed to be a collection of top-quality seafood that can be enjoyed over a weekend with guests. The crab legs are fully cooked and cut in a way that removing the meat wont be a hassle. They make a great appetizer while waiting for the main course of your choice either Cod or Salmon. Lobster Burgers and fish cakes will need about 5 minutes shallow fried on each side to a golden brown and are great in a sandwich. Finally the shrimp and squid can be thrown into your favourite marinade and enjoyed on the grill.

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