Eataly Toronto at Manulife Centre
Eataly Toronto at Manulife Centre Eataly Toronto is our first-ever store to open in Canada. Like our other Eataly locations, our new store will offer visitors the possibility to eat, shop and learn high-quality Italian food through our restaurants, counters, and marketplace. However, our Toronto store will bring its own personality to the table, making it distinctly different from any other Eataly we have ever opened. Discover eight unique things you can experience at Eataly Toronto, then plan your visit! 1. It is home to a one-of-a-kind mural by famed photographer Oliviero Toscani. As you enter Eataly and make your way upstairs, you’ll be greeted with a larger-than-life art installation by internationally-renowned Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani, best known for his striking portraits that spread a message of diversity and inclusivity. Spanning the east-side of the grand entrance up to the second floor, Oliviero’s ode to diversity will welcome guests with the faces of hundreds of different people from around the world that represent the make-up of Toronto itself – a mosaic of ethnicities, ages, sexualities, histories, and more. 2. It is one of our largest North American locations at a whopping 50,000 square feet! Eataly Toronto spans a full three floors in the Manulife Centre, making it one of our largest locations in North America (and, of course, the first-ever in Canada). Entering from Bloor Street, you’ll step into the Gran Caffè illy, an ode to Italy’s elegant café culture, and a perfect spot to either start your day with a cappuccino or wind down after work with an aperitivo. Downstairs, you’ll come to our Birroteca on the concourse level, where we’re serving up seasonal brews with Toronto’s own Indie Ale House. Heading upstairs, you’ll ride past our multicultural mural and arrive at our market, restaurants, and La Scuola di Eataly – whether you’re here to eat, shop, or learn (and we hope all three), the pasta-bilities are endless. fresh pasta counter at Eataly Toronto 3. It’s dedicated to the theme of multiculturalism. Every Eataly in the world is dedicated to a theme: a piece of history, an influential person, an idea. Eataly Roma is an homage to beauty, Eataly Smeraldo in Milano to music, Eataly Istanbul to history. We decided to dedicate Eataly Toronto to multiculturalism, not only because Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, but also because we celebrate Italy’s own multicultural traditions every day. You can now eat street food from Rome, fresh pasta from Piemonte, authentic Italian gelato, and more, all under a single roof. 4. It is the only Eataly in North America with a full brewpub – and only-at-Eataly brews, too. We’ve partnered with Toronto’s Indie Ale House, a pioneer in the Toronto craft beer scene, to open an in-house brewery, beer shop, and tasting room on the concourse level of Eataly. Birroteca will feature different custom beers, available only at Eataly Toronto and Indie Ale House, like a refreshing, traditional Italian pilsner, and rotating monthly flavours inspired by the fresh ingredients at our market. That means you can taste our unique custom brews, talk to the brewers on-site to learn all about how they are made, and then bring them home to enjoy again! 5. We’ve developed an extra special gelato flavour, just for Canada. That’s right, amici, a brand new gelato flavour is on the menu at Eataly Toronto: maple pecan! It’s no secret that Eataly North America’s head pastry chef, Katia Delogu, can work some magic in the kitchen. And, it’s also no secret that we are dedicated to offering you dishes that make the most of fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients. So how could we pass up the opportunity to put a Canadian twist on an Italian classic? Made with fresh, high-quality whole milk from Sheldon Creek Dairy, a local Canadian dairy farm, and churned fresh daily in small batches, you’ll definitely want to taste this one for yourself. 6. It offers three (!) different kinds of regional pizza. Pizza lovers, rejoice! Eataly Toronto offers three possibilities to savour this Italian favourite: La Pizza e La Pasta, our full-service restaurant serving up traditional Napoli-style pizza; Pizza alla Pala, our grab-and-go counter where you can enjoy Roman-style bakery pizza by the slice; and Pizza al Padellino, a counter where our bakers make Torino-style pizza baked in small, round pans and topped with elevated, seasonal ingredients. Plan your visit to taste them all for yourself. pizza and pasta restaurant at Eataly Toronto 7. It puts our best ingredients on display – while we’re preparing them, that is. At Eataly, we cook what we sell and sell what we cook. This means that our chefs are using the fresh ingredients in our marketplace to prepare your dishes right in our restaurants, and you can buy those same ingredients to cook your favourite meal at home, too! As you walk through the store, you’ll catch a few especially interesting corners where you can see our chefs at work. We won’t spoil them all, but we will recommend grabbing a seat at La Pizza e La Pasta to see our pizzaioli in action, and stopping at the Mozzarella Lab to see our cheesemakers stretching local curds to make fresh housemade mozzarella in the morning. 8. The surprises aren't done yet. Toronto, we’re just getting started. Over the next few months, you might even see some new additions to our space – so keep checking back! Ti aspettiamo!