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Almonds, Roasted and Unsalted 450g
Walnut Pieces - 125g
Walnut Halves - 250g
Sunflower Seeds, Roasted and Salted - 250g
Sunflower Seeds, Raw/Hulled - 400g
Milk Chocolate Almonds - 300g
Sunflower Seeds, Roasted and Unsalted - 250g
Pecan Halves Raw - 175g
Pistachios, Roasted and Salted - 200g
Pistachio Roasted and Unsalted - 200g
Macadamia Nut, Raw - 150g
Pecan Pieces, Raw - 100g
Flax Seeds - 275g
Pistachios, Hulled and Raw - 125g
Pine Nuts - 125g
Pepitas, Roasted and Salted - 325g
Filbert Raw - 175g
Hazelnut, Roast and Unsalted - 250g
Cashew, Raw - 250g
Cashew, Roasted and Salted - 250g
Cashew, Roasted and Unsalted - 250g
Almonds, Slivered and Blanched 150g
Almonds, Sliced and Blanched 150g
Almonds, Roasted and Salted 450g

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