PEI Beef Top Sirloin

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Title: 250g


Center cut top sirloin (aka roast beef, center-cut top sirloin heart, top sirloin butt, ball tip, rump heart) is the large cut that top sirloin steaks are usually cut from. In its larger form it can be cut into sirloin steaks, cut into strips or cubes for various grilling applications, or roasted whole.

Though perhaps not as extremely tender as tenderloins or striploins, the top sirloin is still tender enough to make wonderful steaks. It also offers great flavor at a much more affordable price than those top of the line cuts.


The PEI Certified Organic Producers Co-op (COPC) was established in 2002. The Co-op is composed of organic producers and like minded consumers who wish to see organic agriculture grow within Prince Edward Island.

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