Tradition Caviar

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Extracted from the White Sturgeon, a species native to the Pacific Ocean and found along North America's west coast. Their roe have a nuanced taste of the sea with a light buttery flavour reminiscent of pasty. Calvisius, one of the world's leading producers of sustainably-farmed caviar, is a company built on the belief that exquisite care, technology, and science are the key factors in creating perfect, fresh caviar. The story of this company begins in the small town of Calvisano, situated between Venezia and Milano. There, you will find Agroittica Lombarda, the most prolific caviar farm in the world, producing 25 tons of eggs per year according to sustainable farming methods. The result is rich, buttery caviar that is good for the world (and great for your plate)!

Suggested pairing: Brut champagne or dry white, mineral driven wines and vodka.
The time required to harvest this caviar is eight years.


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