Balsamic Vinegar Capriccio IGP - 250ml

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Antica Acetaia Dodi - family-owned company for the production of balsamic vinegars and other derivative products, whose origins date back to the end of the XIX century.

The company has always been one of the biggest in the region of Reggio Emilia. Today it is on the market a wide range of products. The most popular are the traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena with a protected place of origin (IGP and DOP).

According to the director of the company, "in total we have about 5 thousand barrels of products. And even the volume of the traditional balsamic vinegar from Reggio exceeds one thousand." Excerpt runs vinegars in old barrels from mulberry wood, juniper, oak, chestnut and cherry. More than 50% of production is exported.

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