The 1608 - Cows Milk

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The 1608 was launched in 2008 in honor of Quebec City's 400th anniversary. This cheese is made from 100% Canadian cow's milk, a breed of small black cow that was established in Quebec at the beginning of the colony of New France in the 17th century. Relocated to Charlevoix in 2007, the Canadian cows of Ferme Hengil produce the milk used to make 1608.


Product Features

Firm matured cheese. Thermized milk. Canadian cow cheese.

Artisanal cheese, The 1608 has a slightly moist pink rind and a dark yellow paste that is smooth, creamy and melting in the mouth. It gives off sweet smells of butter and nuts. To the taste, it is soft and complex, revealing flavors of butter, green apple and a nutty finish.


Ingredients: Unpasteurized milk, Bacterial culture, Salt, Rennet.


Preparation and support

1608 de Charlevoix is one of the most versatile cheese. It works wonderfully on a cheese and cold meats platter, accompanied by fresh or dried fruit and nuts. Gratins, Mac & Cheese and grilled cheese , the texture of 1608 is simply perfect when melting.

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