Amaretto Almond Cookies - 300g

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Ingredients: sugar, apricot almonds 32%, egg white , almonds 4%, glucose syrup. Preservative: potassium sorbate. Contains  sulphites  and traces of other  nuts.

Gluten and yeast free.

Cavalier Vicenzi, founded in Mombaruzzo in 1955 by Franco Vicenzi expert pastry chef, has been dedicated to the production of amaretti since 1965 and has achieved high quality standards that have led it to distribute in Italy and abroad, receiving numerous national and international awards . 

The small pastry shop has grown over the years and has become a modern company, while preserving the values ​​of tradition.

The passion that distinguishes it is a fundamental element of this artisan production , which uses only the highest quality ingredients , sugar, sweet and bitter almonds and egg whites, processed according to the original eighteenth-century recipe .

The amaretto processing techniques are exclusively manual, to ensure that it does not lose any of its characteristics: taste and at the same time fragrance and softness.

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