Appletree Smoked Cheddar

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Cows Creamery's Appletree Smoked Cheddar (2 year old cheddar) is naturally smoked over an 8 hour period. During this time, it is wrapped with natural apple wood smoke.

Flavour Profile: Full, natural smoky flavour that is deliciously mouth-watering and perfect for cooking or eating on its own.


  • Vegetable Rennet is used and no colour is added
  • All natural
  • Made with unpasteurized milk - the milk is gently heated, which preserves the microorganisms and enzymes in raw milk that give cheddar its characteristic flavour

COWS Creamery is a division of COWS Inc. that has made delicious, super premium ice cream on Prince Edward Island since 1983. Despite the growth that COWS has experienced, the same old-fashioned ingredients are still used today when making the 32+ flavors that are produced by COWS Inc. in Charlottetown.

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