Black Truffle Oil - 100ml

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The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Black Truffle from Urbani is part of their UNICO line of products. Unico means "unique," and Urbani's truffle extra virgin olive oils are just that – they are made only with 100% certified Organic Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and real black truffles (Tuber Melanosporum Vitt). All the flavor of the magnificent black truffle is infused in excellent Italian extra virgin olive oil. There is not a drop of chemical flavoring used to make this product. If you look closely at the bottle, you can see there are actual truffle pieces inside the bottle!

Ingredients: Italian extra virgin olive oil, black winter truffle extract, natural flavor, black truffles (Tuber Melanosporum Vitt).

Pairing ideas: meat dishes, eggs, pizza, pasta, risotto and grilled vegetables.

Urbani is the most esteemed truffle distributor in the world, is led by Paolo and Bruno Urbani, brothers who are direct descendants of the name founders. Based in the Umbria region, trusted with more than 70% of European fresh truffle sales, Urbani is unrivaled in the distribution of this admired tuber.

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