Chestnut Honey - 250g

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An aroma of dried chamomile, dominated by animal scents, tannins and quinine. the palate reveals a bitter, slightly astringent taste, with notes of wood, moist tobacco, carob and cocoa beans. despite its floral origin, its parameters resemble those of honeydews.* usually crystallizes slowly and in the presence of blackberry nectar.

Accompaniments: With cottage or soft cheese, bloomy or washed rinds, and it exalts the sweetness of a trentino grana cheese.

In The Kitchen: In the filling for pumpkin tortelli, to treat fatty liver or with lightly smoked foods. lukewarm, it provides the perfect contrast in a persimmon mousse. delicious blended into fresh whipped ricotta cheese. in all dishes with hazelnuts, in starters for heritage doughs, excellent in dough for rye bread.

Over the past century, Mieli Thun has harvested nectar from local bees that pollinate nearby flowers. The resulting selection of honey captures the pure fragrance and flavor of the hills, forests, and pastures of Italy. Miele Thun's Acacia honey sourced from Italian Acacia flowers is a delicate and much sought-after light straw-yellow colored honey with undertones of sugared almond and vanilla.

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