Robiola Due Latte Cow-Goat

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Guffanti's extraordinary Robiola Due Latte Cow-Goat cheese is part of the family of Robiolas (tipical squared or round cheese from Piedmont) produced in dairies in the Langhe area, united by short maturing and flowering of the crust, with the cheese edible as derived by the action of yeasts. The production of milk mixture is typical of the spring and summer months, when the sheep enter the period of milk production.
Aspect and texture: Soft ivory paste, sometimes dark, bloomy rind.
Taste: Sweet, milky, with persistent notes due to yeast crust, notes emerge from sheep milk
Serving suggestions: Fruity white wines, lagers. Orange jam, jam pumpkin and ginger. Fresh fruit. Walnut bread or grapes

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