Fontina Dop Alpeggio - Raw

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Aspect and texture: Rind compact and slim, light brown to dark, rind not edible
Taste: A typical flavor of an intense mountain cheese already in the early months
Serving suggestions: Full bodied red wines. Aromatic honey. Fresh fruit (apples and pears). Black rye bread and polenta.

Fontina Dop Alpeggio is produced with milk from cows that graze in pastures over 2000 meters in height and matured in the affinage caves of Valpelline of the Cooperativa Produttori Latte e Fontina.

Guffanti's wheels are produced with the only milk of the month of August when animals exclusively ate naturally grown grass, thus without supplementing the feeding of cattle.

The aim is to show that with the traditional production techniques, adapted to the needs of the modern running of the pastures, it is possible to obtain a specific quality product as well as very high quality.

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