Gluten Free Caserecce Truffles-250 g

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The Organic Gluten-Free Black Truffle Caserecce from Pasta Natura is extruded through bronze die that creates a rough surface that better support any sauce. Caserecce, meaning homemade in Italian, is an s-shaped pasta.

The Pasta Natura’s Truffle Caserecce pasta is unique in taste and aroma. If you love truffles, this is a pasta that you absolutely need to try!

Enjoy Back Truffle Caserecce with your favorite cream and truffle sauce!




Company History:

Pasta Natura is a small artisanal Gluten-Free pasta company located in Villafranca near Cuneo, in the region of Piemonte. The commitment of Pasta Natura is to make the best Organic Gluten-Free pasta using only flours produced directly by them. Pasta Natura is a company that supports people with celiac disease to be able to taste an artisanal, great, and healthy pasta. All their pasta is bronze extruded and dried at low temperatures to have an excellent product with very good cooking properties and perfect for absorbing any the sauces.

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