Gluten-Free Spaghetti-400 g

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The Gluten Free Spaghetti from Garofalo is made with a blend of Corn, Quinoa and Rice that is milled, bronze extruded and dried in Gragnano. The pasta extruded through bronze dies creates a light rough surface that can better support the sauce. Garofalo Gluten Free Pastas are processed to guarantee excellence and perfect cooking resistance and they are delicious for every palate. Spaghetti translates to strings, and these classic strands are symbolic of the italian culinary tradition. Enjoy Garofalo's Gluten-Free Spaghetti with a delicious tomato and basil sauce. Ingredients: Corn, Quinoa, Rice. Directions: 9-10 minutes in boiling water. Company History: Since 1789 pastificio garofalo produces high quality pasta in Gragnano, campania. Pasta production has evolved over the years and garofalo keeps traditions alive by using them at the service of technology. The company now offers a full range of products: durum wheat bronze-die pasta, whole wheat, organic and gluten free.

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