Gnocchi stuffed with Gorgonzola DOP - 350g

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Potato Gnocchi stuffed with Gorgonzola DOP cheese from Mamma Emma are unique and delicious for all the cheese lovers. These gnocchi are stuffed with the Italian gastronomic excellence of Gorgonzola DOP!

Enjoy this healthy gnocchi with your favorite sauce! Potato Gnocchi stuffed with Gorgonzola is ready in just 3 minutes! Cook them in a pan with the addition of 3.38oz of water and your favorite sauce.

Company History: Master Srl was founded in 1992 by Adriano Bianco and Giovanni Favretto who have combined their engineering knowledge with their love for good food. The Mamma Emma line was launched in 2013 as a food manufacturing line producing fresh gnocchi.  Mamma Emma potato gnocchi are prepared with top-quality ingredients in a production cycle that uses only fresh and natural raw materials to enhance the artisanal quality of the final product.

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