Saffron Pistils - 1 g

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The Italian Saffron threads from Il Mercante Delle Spezie is an extraordinary product. Italian saffron threads are considered one of the most valuable in the world. Il Mercante delle Spezie takes the saffron from the region of Abruzzo in a traditional way dating back to 5 centuries ago.

Enjoy this unique Italian Saffron is at its best used with rice, shellfish, mussels, stewed white meats, and vegetable sauces to season pasta. We encourage you to use this saffron for your next 'Risotto alla Milanese' dish.

Directions: Soak saffron in a bit of warm water or broth, then pour the mix in your preparation. It is better to add the mix at the end of the cooking to preserve taste and flavour. One person portion is of 8/10 strands.

Company History:
Il Mercante Delle Spezie is a small company based in Piedmont that carefully selects spices from all over the world and combines them to create original products.
All Il Mercante Delle Spezie products are created without the use of artificial colorants or preservatives.

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