Sommelier's Picks - Wine Box - 3 Wines

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Sip like our Somms do as you explore three different Italian Wines chosen by our team - based on grape, producer, or region - that have spoken to them on a personal level throughout their wine career at Eataly. 

In this box you will find:

Cabernet Franc - Perusini: As far back as I can remember, I've been drawn to the bright vegetal "greenness" of the jalapeno. If I'm getting pizza, jalapenos must be on it. The green Tabasco is my favourite. Pickled Jalapenos on everything! 

So when I first sipped on a Cabernet Franc, I was shocked. I couldn't believe this strange and specific flavour of jalapeno was present in the red wine I was drinking. How magical! Wine was no longer just red and black fruit, there was this whole other world of flavours that had been unlocked. From then on, if there is a Cabernet Franc on a wine list or being poured at a party, I try it. And almost always, I love it. - Eataly Somm

Tintilla Del Molise - Cantine Salvatore: "Molise does not exist!" - A classic joke that everyone in Italy uses when this mountainous, small region comes up in conversation. This tiny area is situated in the east side of the country, bordered by Abruzzo and Lazio to the north and Puglia and Campania to the south. Despite the size of the region, great food and wines can be found here! 

The region obtained two DOCs in 1980 and then a third in 2011 with the Tintilia del Molise grape. I personally love this obscure grape variety with its spicy notes, the dark fruit and dark flowers components, and its great structure. This is why I picked Rutilia, Tintilia del Molise produced by Cantine Salvatore - Eataly Somm

Etna Bianco - Tornatore: Exactly one year ago, I had the priviledge to fly to Sicilia to spend four days with the Tornatore family and their crew. Long store story: they are the quintessence of hopistality; elegant and generous at their wines. But what I will never be able to forget is the Caponata that Nina, Francesco Tornatore's wife, made for us: best Caponata i have ever had in my life.- Eataly Somm

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